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In November 2004, I traveled to Costa Rica for a wonderful Fire, Water and Jungle Adventure. The first stop was the Osa Peninsula, located on the Pacific's southwest coast. Five days of diving the waters of Cano Island, was a great introduction to the warm side of the Pacific. Costa Rica - 2004  

This Island area is home to various schools of fish, including white tip reef sharks, barracuda, amberjack, and many tropical species. One of the highlights was seeing a marlin swim by while we made our 15 foot decompression stop. There was so much to see, especially all the "little stuff", colorful invertebrates and smaller marine life. .

To top off the wonderful diving, there was also an opportunity to see the Rainforest at night, with all the truly unique spiders, snakes, frogs, and lizards. Next was a hike thru the Corcovado National Park which offered a quiet look at the various birds, monkeys, plants, mushrooms and even bats.

At the end of the hike, we were even chased by a couple of peccaries. The end of our trip brought us to the Arenal Volcano area, where we saw the red-hot lava flow down the side of the mountain one night while we were at the pool. What a treat that was. A trip down the Piedras Blancas River where we saw sloths, kingfishers, and the strawberry poison dart frog, made this a most unforgettable trip. It is impossible to see everything in just 11 days, so, a trip back to this wonderful country is certainly in the cards. next
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