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Costa Rica 2006
Ok, here we go again - back to Costa Rica.   But this time, we traveled up to the hilly, rainy, beautiful area of Monteverde.   This area is absolutely unbelievable. It is home to many varieties of insects, birds, mammals and hundreds of plants and trees. We encountered howler monkeys, orange-kneed tarantulas, several species of hummingbirds, two-toed sloths, walking sticks, coati, gray fox and even an eyelash pit viper (way up in the trees, thank goodness). Costa Rica - 2006

There are many “side trips” to take in this area as well. Some of the “not to miss” sights are:


Manatee Woman - Laura Osteen Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve Manatee Woman - Laura Osteen Twilight Walk on the Hidden Valley Trail
Manatee Woman - Laura Osteen Bat Jungle tour
Manatee Woman - Laura Osteen Monteverde Ranario (Frog Pond) tour
Manatee Woman - Laura Osteen Selvatura Park - which includes the    Jewels of the Rainforest Exhibition and    the beautiful Butterfly and Hummingbird

The Sky Walk high up in the trees and walking on the suspension bridges was a great way to end a wonderful, trip.  And once again, the people here are very friendly and helpful to the “obvious tourists” that we are.   As I said before, I will be making another trip to this awesome country. 
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