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Manatee Woman - Florida 2007
I know I say this every year, but, once again, a truly great year to see our friends and see the manatees. We started out in Gainesville, but, this year, actually spent some good quality time with our friends. Of course, we spent time talking about Manatees, and went over some scar patterns, but, didn’t have to rush off to go anywhere. A good visit (but too short). Then off to Crystal River to see the Manatees. This year we decided to charter the services of one of the operators we met last year. Florida - 2007
Manatee Woman - Florida 2007
Capt. Traci Wood of Native Vacations took us out all week and what a week it was. Jenn in the office was very helpful as well. I think we saw more manatees this year than ever before. And, it was so easy to have someone else do all the work, although, she really loves what she does.

Unfortunately we saw many animals with some really bad scars this year, and one animal without a tail, although, from what I was told, she is able to get around fairly well. Just hard to see. We also had several sightings of Bald Eagles, and got some really nice close-up pictures of an Osprey. And, as I say every year, I can’t wait until next January! next
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