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Manatee Woman - Florida 2008

Ok, so I do say this every year, but, it really is true. We had another great year in Florida. As usual, started off in Gainesville to visit friends, always too short a visit. (However this year, we knew we would see them again in Crystal River)

Then, for the first time, off to Maitland, to finally meet some of the people from the Save the Manatee Club. I have been trying for years to get up that way, and finally made it. ( I hope they didn't get into to much trouble, we had a three hour lunch, but it was well worth it). Florida - 2008
Manatee Woman - Flordia 08

Once again, went out to observe manatees with Capt. Traci, of Native Vacations. Had some good manatee encounters, but, the highlight, we were all invited to the manatee assessment that was going on in CR while we were there. Organized by the USGS Sirenia Project, and various other groups, we were able to observe these animals as they captured, weighed, took blood, did ultrasound, and overall assessment of each animal. (The animals were monitored constantly for stress while shore-bound). In this way, researchers can tell how well the population is doing in this area. How lucky for us, and what a great experience.

And as I say every year, can’t wait to go back. next
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