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Manatee Woman - Florida 2009

Another highlight would be the incredible place where we stayed (the past two years). Looking out the window seeing Cormorant’s, Great Blue Heron’s, Bald Eagles and Bottlenose Dolphins, what could be better? I really hated to leave. Only 11 months go! Florida - 2009
Manatee Woman - Flordia 09

We started this years trip in Titusville, at the Space Coast Nature Festival where we sold our Wildlife Lens Cleaning Cloths. We made some good contacts, sold a lot of cloths, and met some wonderful people. We also made a few sidetrips to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and had some incredible bird watching experiences.

Then it was on to Crystal River, and Gainesville to see old friends, new friends, and of course the manatees. There were four of us this year, and we were in manatee heaven. This was by far one of my best years. I have never seen so many cow/calf pairs and friendly animals.  And as I say every year, can’t wait to go back. next
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