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Manatee Woman - Florida 2009

Because of the cold weather, there were so many manatees in the spring area; they were spilling out of the sanctuary. We saw a few animals with "cold stress" so were thankful they were in the warm springs. I have never seen so many animals.

Once again, a great time but way to short. Only 10 months to go. Florida - 2010
Manatee Woman - Flordia 09

We started off this year's trip once again in Titusville, for a wonderful Space Coast Nature Festival. We had 5 great days of selling, saw some old friends, and met many new ones. We also made it to some new "birding" and "wildlife" sites, and had some great sightings. Then it was off to see our good friends in Gainesville and then on to see the manatees.

You would think after 24 years, that I would be tired of going to see manatees, but, I don't know what I would do without my "manatee fix". We stayed in our wonderful house with the million dollar view, and were escorted all week by Capt. Traci and Native  Vacations. Note: Please check back for future updates!
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